New writing by J. P. Lusk: US and UK evangelical politics

The politics of evangelical identity: Local churches and partisan divides in the USA and Canada by Lydia Bean explores why white evangelicals in the USA have developed a strongly Republican, 'conservative' political identity. She finds the answer in 'religious nationalism.' Click here for my review published in Evangelicals Now in February 2018.

Political and religious identities of British Evangelicals by Andrea Hatcher finds that UK evangelicals do not share a political identity in the way that white evangelicals do in the USA. She concludes that there is 'no Religious Right' in Britain. Click here for my review published in Evangelicals Now in April 2018.

Current projects: I am working on a study of the 'public theology' guiding the British Religious Right (which I do think exists!), including Mission of God by Joe Boot of Christian Concern. Contact me with a brief account of your interests and connections (church, media, academic etc) if you would like to know more and consider draft material.

I am also looking at 'British Values' following my article in Christian Today (December 2017) on their substance and political significance. So - how is the liberal state to recognise and address challenges from religious and other 'extremism'? How should churches respond to a potential demand to affirm 'British Values? Likewise please contact me for updates on current conversations.





Review of Andrea Hatcher as it appeared in EN April 2108