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City Church, Birmingham

It was great to meet old and new friends at City Church, Birmingham (UK) on 4th June 2017, and discuss The Jesus Candidate. Click here for a recording of the talk (16 minutes approx). The talk was given in a personal capacity and does not represent the views of City. Many thanks to City for this recording.

Living with Pluralism

On 25th March 2017 the author met the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches (EFCC) to discuss ‘Living in a Pluralistic Society.’

Pluralism says that all groups in society can and should enjoy equality before the law. Earlier generations could equate ‘pluralism’ with ‘tolerance’ – the various Christian denominations as well as non-Christian minorities were ‘tolerated’ from an accepted position of Christian pre-eminence. With ‘Christians’ fast becoming a social minority, this no longer works.

Looking at the bible and the history of church and state, Christians now need to make a fresh evaluation of the pluralistic society.

The talk will be published as a booklet by EFCC. Contact us for more information.

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